May 2013 24

Wedding Nails – French Polish or Coloured Polish?

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Wedding Nails - Coloured Polish Nails

Find out what is the most popular Wedding Nails style when it comes to your big day. Bridal season is upon us and the big question on everyones minds is.........French polish or Coloured polish Wedding Nails for brides and maids!   French Polish French ...

Apr 2013 25

What is the best spray tan to get?

Posted in Beauty
Is St Tropez or Sienna X the best spray tan for me?

With the summer on the horizon, it's time to start thinking of getting a nice, natural looking tan to get you in the mood and look good in your summer clothes. Whether you are looking forward to a summer ...

Apr 2013 19

The Top 5 Summer Hair Trends 2013

Posted in Hair
Top 5 Summer Hair Trends-2013

With the summer fast approaching, it's time to start thinking of a change of hair style that will set your look perfectly for the change of season. The air is getting warmer, the mood is lifting, but have you considered ...

Apr 2013 15

What is the Best Nail Art for me?

Posted in Nails
Best Nail Art Tiger Nails

What is the Best Nail Art for me? Nail art is a creative way to stand out of the crowd, with some designs more flamboyant and others very subtle. There is always a style of best nail art to suit ...

Apr 2013 05

How to put Polka Dots on Nails

Posted in Nails
How to put Polka Dots on Nails - Step 4

Hello, today we will be showing you 3 very simple steps of How to put Polka Dots on Nails. This is the first of our Nails blog posts that will help you with many techniques, tips and advice in styling and ...

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