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How to put Polka Dots on Nails

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Hello, today we will be showing you 3 very simple steps of How to put Polka Dots on Nails.

This is the first of our Nails blog posts that will help you with many techniques, tips and advice in styling and looking after your own nails. This step by step guide with photographs teaches you how to do ‘Minnie mouse’ inspired Polka Dots on Nails.

Here are the polishes and tools needed to create this look.

    • Base coat
    • 2 Colours of Polish
    • Top Coat
    • Nail File
    • Dotting Tool

Polka Dots on Nails - Tools to use


Step 1

Start with a layer of base coat followed by 2 coats of your desired colour, here we used OPI’s ‘I’m all ears’ from the Minnie Mouse collection.

How to put Polka Dots on Nails - Step 1

Step 2

Using a dotting tool dip into the polish and start lightly dotting all over the nail until you get the desired look. Here we used OPI’s ‘alpine snow’ for the poker dots.

How to put Polka Dots on Nails - Step 2

Step 3

When dots have dried finish with a layer of top coat.

How to put Polka Dots on Nails - Step 3


And there you have it. Perfect Minnie Mouse inspired Polka Dots on nails.


How to put Polka Dots on Nails - Step 4

What are your thoughts on this technique? We would love you to share your own experiences or tips in the comments section below.

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