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5 Ways to make a knockout first impression with our Nail extension treatment.

Our wide range of Nail Extensions will transform your hands to the look you want, whether it’s a subtle, natural style or the glitz and glamour of the stars on the red carpet!

Whether on a conscious or subconscious level, hands are one of the first things we notice when we meet someone.

So imagine it’s your first date with that special someone or a once in lifetime job interview, your hands are gonna be one of the first things people see, and we all know the age-old saying “First impressions Last”. Never a true set of words has been spoke. A chewed, ravaged set of claws will make that person form an instant opinion of you, and not the one you are hoping for…untidy, not bothered, worrier spring to mind.

A stylish, shaped set of nail extensions will flip that first impression on its head and portray you as someone who is confident and cares about their appearance – just leaving you to bring out your other qualities that you are dying to talk about!

1 ) We will re-shape and tidy unsightly nails for a much more appealing, classy look.

They will make your hands become an attractive feature and not just a part of your body to use your mobile phone!

2 ) Our expert nail extensions treatment will make you want to show off your nails and help you stop biting them.

By having a beautiful piece of Nail Art Design on your hand, this will put you off from destroying them with that annoying habit a lot of us have. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a dress from Harvey Nichols and then use it to blow your nose with would you?

3 ) Acrylic Nails are tougher and stronger than our own natural nails.

They do not break when bitten as easily as the natural ones. Unless, of course, you are a seasoned nail biter who will stop at nothing to devour that nail!

4 ) Nail extensions give a protective covering to your nails making them last longer.

Most of us women don’t have the time to worry about our nails all the time. That’s why at Bright & Beautiful, we use industry leading products – NSI Acrylic Liquid and powder System which is famed throughout the nail industry for its strength, durability and best performance. Therefore, a fortnightly appointment will help keep up your nails.

5 ) Our nail extensions can be designed to suit every occasion

We have a fabulous selection to choose from, whether it’s for day-to-day use or a wedding, party, night out or day at the races.
If you are unsure about what style of nail extensions to choose, don’t worry, we will talk about what look you want to achieve and offer our expert advice with style options.


Keep hands and feet conditioned and pampered with regular appointments (every 4 weeks). Keep cuticles at bay and enjoy a massage. Pedicures include hard skin removal with rasp or blade.

I have been coming to Amy for almost ten years now and would never go anywhere else. The quality of treatments I have received have always been to the highest standard and the professionalism profounds me. I highly recommend this salon to anybody looking to treat themselves – you will not be disappointed.

Winnie McDonough

Nail Extensions at Hair and Beauty Liverpool

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Full set of acrylics

Pink and White (french) £23
Natural £20
Overlays/Wraps £18
Weekend/Party Nails £13

Coloured and glitter acrylics available at no extra charge



Pink Acrylic £13
Pink and White Acrylic (Coloured and glitter acrylics available at no extra charge ) £16
Nail Gems/Bows £1
UV Seal (gel topcoat) £3
Removal £3
Removal with file and polish £10
Minx Nails £20
Manicure £15
Pedicure £18
File and polish (fingers or toes) £8
Hollywood Toes £22
Rockstarz Toes £20


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Book in with our expert, qualified therapists and stylists to give you the new look you’ve been dreaming about.
If you are unhappy with your treatment in any way, we will refund every penny.


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