Power Plates


Stop wasting money on gym memberships! 10 minutes on Reviber Plus Power Plates = 1 Hour in the gym.

For most of us, going the gym is a daunting prospect, especially when you have just finished a hard days work, a long days study or day just at home with the kids or cleaning the house. To then whip up the energy to hit the gym and feel the burn on the treadmill or spin class just isn’t appealing for the following reasons.

    • You don’t have the time.
    • You don’t have the energy.
    • You don’t have the motivation after a long day.
    • You don’t see any results.

Well don’t fret any further. Our salon is equipped with Reviber Plus Power Plates which tone the body through natural vibrations to the body which helps you lose weight.

1 ) Body Toning with Power Plates is a great time saver as it targets many muscle groups at the same time.

With just 10 minutes on the Power Plates, you will get the same results as a 1 hour gym workout. This will give you a lot more time for work, the kids and watching your favourite soaps.

2 ) Platinum’s expert guidance will get you quicker, noticeable results in less time.

You can do as little as 10 minutes and still do a great workout.

3 ) You won’t have to fork out a gym membership each month that doesn’t get used.

Going the gym can be very costly and burn a big hole in your finances if you don’t turn up to do what you’ve already paid for.

4 ) There is no commitment or monthly membership with using our power plates.

With any gym there is usually membership fee for which you are tied in monthly or even yearly. With the Power Plates, you can make as many or as little visits as you want, and there is no need for an appointment, just turn up.

Find out all you need to know about Power-plate Body Toning

Power Plates for body toning

Power Plate

The Reviber Plus Power Plate has oscillating plates which gives more vibrations meaning the body gets an even better workout than most other power plates. 10 minutes on the Reviber Plus = 1 Hour in the gym. No need for an appointment. £3 for 10 mins



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