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The Top 5 Summer Hair Trends 2013

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With the summer fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking of a change of hair style that will set your look perfectly for the change of season. The air is getting warmer, the mood is lifting, but have you considered your next look? If it’s a holiday abroad, a summer festival or some social events that you’ve got to look forward to this summer, here are the Top 5 Summer Hair Trends 2013!

The Top 5 Summer Hair Trends 2013


Straight Hair is back!

Whether you love it or not, simple straight hair is hot hot hot this summer! As seen on various catwalks this fashion season (such as Lacoste ss13), it’s looking to be one of the top trends these coming months. Being quick and easy to do, this look could save you a lot of time this year and still give you the elegance that you want to feel. Add a hair band or simply pin up sides and “Voila!” – instantly on trend.

Glamorous Up-Dos

Glamorous up-dos are also coming out on top this season. As seen on many celebrities and on many red carpets, hair up is finally making a new statement. Long gone are the days of old fashioned spikes and slicked back hair and replacing them are the most stunning and glamorous up-dos ranging from the bigger the better, to simple but stunning. The retro elegance of hair up has made it’s comeback, is becoming this summers must have style.

“Bed Head” and “Beach Waves”

“Bed head” and “beach waves” has also made a comeback to the top looks of the summer. After having a few years out of the spotlight, with the smooth curly blows being big the past few years, it seems bed head hair is climbing its way back up the ladder. Perfect for holidays or for those of us that like to go to festivals, it’s the simplest way of having your hair so that it looks amazing for a good few days.

Beautiful Braids

Beautiful braids are setting off some seriously hot looks right now. Ranging from simple old school braids, bun braids, to 3D braids. The list is endless of what you can achieve all with a simple braid, with the end result guaranteeing to look amazing. Fish tail braids are also coming top of the pile, but for us, we think they only look amazing with long hair or hair with extensions in. Our favourite style in the salon is the 3D braids which sets off any look.

Ombré Hair

Love it or hate it, it’s back with a bang! Last seasons Ombré was all about the blonde & caramel, whereas this season it’s had a fabulous revamp with ‘candy colours’, such as pink, lilac, blue and orange replacing the blonde and it looks truly amazing! Our personal favourite is lilac, but with it being fairly easy to change the colour, you could have a new look every few weeks.

Hair accessories are perfect for finishing off the top summer hair trends 2013.

With plenty of choice available on the high street, you don’t have to spend much to look the cream of the crop. Simple gold or black headbands are stunning with straight hair. Hair diamonds or slides compliment up-dos for a Hollywood glamour look. Hats or over the top headbands will give your bed head look the final finish it needs.
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  1. Gfhtfyhfr says:

    You know braids are truly from the monahrletd. I have always adored growing up as a child and even today marvel at little black children in braids. For some reason I rarely see these days. Growing up it was so popular to wear braids with colorful beads on the end of them. I used to wish my mother would do my hair like that. I tried to do my own as I got a bit older and learned to braid my own hair. I just watched a youtube fishtail braid tutorial. It looks complicated. Maybe there are others who show it differently and easier. If I had longer hair, I would certainly rock this style. I just tried doing it with the hair I got, and it is not enough hair. haha

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