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Wedding Nails – French Polish or Coloured Polish?

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Find out what is the most popular Wedding Nails style when it comes to your big day.

Bridal season is upon us and the big question on everyones minds is………French polish or Coloured polish Wedding Nails for brides and maids!


French Polish

French manicures, an idea originated in Paris. It resembles a natural nail. The tips of the nail are painted white while the rest of the nail is polished in a pink or a suitable nude shade.

This style is chosen because it is very simple and give nails a natural and clean look.

French Polish Nails

The choice is endless with a French polish. You have the option of having acrylic nails applied meaning your nails would be completely flawless and all the same length (£26). Manicure on your natural nails with a French (£18) or a file and polish on natural nails (£8)-perfect for brides on a budget!

We have a huge choice of nail gems and diamanté’s that can add a touch of glamour to your wedding nails either on just your ring finger or all your nails (50p per nail)

There is also a choice of different shapes for your nails. Square is classic but oval/round/pointed nails have made a huge comeback recently. No longer do oval nails remind us of our nans. They are now being wore by all the major celebs in the world!


Coloured Polish

Painting your nails a colour can be dated back to 3000bc. Back then it used to show what class you was from. Lower class wore pale colours whilst upper class wore rich deep colours like reds. Today it’s more about what outfits you are wearing and what colours will go the best!

Brides are braving the colours for their wedding nails these days. Normally matching their colour theme or if its a black and white theme wedding a lot of brides have gone for reds.

Wedding Nails - red coloured nails

As you can see there is plenty if choices for your wedding nails on your big day. If there is anything you would like which we haven’t mentioned please feel free to contact us.

Wedding Nails - Coloured Polish Nails

We have a huge selection of OPI polishes in the salon (over 200). So there really is a colour for everyone. Acrylic nails with a polish is £23 or you can choose a manicure (£15) or file and polish (£8) for your big day.

Also don’t forget your toes. Wether you choose a French or a colour make sure them toes match! Pedicures are £18 or a file and polish on toes is £8.

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